Friday, July 20, 2012

Sewing Maternity Clothings

I have not blog for a long time and wasn't sure where to start from.

I have done quite a bit of sewing during my pregnancy and I have yet to blog about. Maybe I should start with projects that I have sewed for myself.

Fabric used: Dots (purple)
One for me and one for Hanhan

Was in a dilemma to sew or not to sew for myself at then. I have not been to any dressmaking class and wasn't good at making clothes for myself. If I have a prefect body, using the pattern directly from pattern books will work, but too bad..... that's not the case, furthermore, with my big tummy, no pattern in the books I have will work. Modify is the only way out.

I spent lots of time flipping through books and finally settled to the most basic pattern : peasant top
It is loose fitting and by lengthening just the front portion, the top is now long enough to accomodate my growing tummy :)

This dress is sewed based on my draft and measurement. I didn't make any full size pattern paper, I just draw and cut directly on the fabric, because I started this project on the Eve of Chinese New Year Eve. And the other top was actually done just a day before this. However, I would like to say that drawing and cutting directly on the fabric is both intimidating and shiok :P 

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