Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Park Hopper and Kranji Dam

We bought Park Hopper tickets some week ago, so for the past few weekends, we had been bringing Hanhan out to the Zoo, Night Safari and Bird Park.

It's the first time Hanhan has been to the Night Safari, she likes it, but I think it's actually the cool night breeze that she likes. For Zoo and Bird Park, we are regulars. We can roam round the park without a map and know what animals are ahead of us. I think we have been there too often, specially the Zoo, such that it is just a touch and go thing for Hanhan. The next time we go there, I might create a worksheet so that she has some tasks to do, so that the trip will be more meaningful.

At the Zoo. First time riding the pony. Too nervous to smile.

At the Bird Park. Feeding the lories in Lory Loft.
At Night Safari..... no photo to show... all photos taken are pitch dark. :P

Kranji Dam. Daddy and I had been here onced before we got married, this is the second time we are there, with Hanhan. At one side of the dam is a marsh, where you can see people digging for some shell like thing (mussel, I think) near evening time.

It's a very scenic place, but this place can be dangerous too. Many years ago, a mother and her son are killed when the dam released water back to the sea. For us, we got stuck in the mud when we wandered into the muddy area in the marsh. I really mean stuck, my legs are about 15cm into the mud. We couldn't lift our feet out of the mud, no matter how hard we tried. I felt that my sandals are strapped to the mud and holding me down, and it's only when I decided to leave my sandals in the mud that I'm able to lift my feet up. And I had to dig my hand deep into the mud to pull out my sandals. Hanhan was scared, she kept shouting for help, her legs are deep in the mud too. When we were making our way out, an uncle saw us and said that we should go by the other way, where it's less muddy. And we realised that the muddy area seems to be much darker in colour. I think we looked really silly stuck in the mud, while others around us are okay and enjoying themselves.

The first thing we did after leaving the muddy area, was to wash our legs and footwears. Onced we were back on safe ground, Hanhan seems to forget about what had just happened and wanted to dig the ground like the others.

Besides shells and earthworms, we found lots of horseshoe crabs too, you just have to look carefully. With the wrong info I had, I told Hanhan to be careful and not to be too near them, thinking they might sting people. When Daddy pushed Hanhan nearer to see the horseshoe crab, Hanhan was so scared that she burst out crying.

Googled about horseshoe crab on the way home. Horseshoe crab are actually very harmless creatures. They don't sting or bite people. Their dangerous looking long pointed tails are actually very brittle, and they don't use it to sting people but to flip themselves over if they are upside down.

Onced I knew about this, I quickly updated Hanhan with it. But she still insisted that she doesn't want to come to this muddy place again :P I think she had enough scares for the day.

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Erlin Amir said...

Hi, I"ve never been here before. The mudflats, are actually at the Kranji Dam itself? I would really like to bring my children there to experience walking on the mudflats.