Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pants for Pants

I was never good at clearing things, or maybe I should say that I prefer to create than clear. And that includes create mess :P

Well.... , what I really want to say is that I finally harden my heart to clear away a big piles of clothes from my wardrobe. I have many clothes that are worn out, too old(according to Daddy) or too small (hm.... maybe something else should just stop growing) and they are sitting in the wardrobe for way too long. When they are finally gone, I realised that I need some pants badly.
And sometimes, it easier to make a pair for myself than shopping for a suitable one. This is made during the June holiday. I'm really behind time in blogging my handmade, have made several more things that I have not blogged.

And this is what happened to one pair of pants that no longer fit. I'm cutting it into 2, so that I can make a pair of shorts for Hanhan.
Hanhan's shorts is done. Intend to make the other half into a bag, but was distracted by other things, and it is still laying there.


Fiona said...

Hanhan's pants is really cute!

Creative Busy Bee said...

Oh! This is very good idea, may be i should try this for 'recycling ' or reuse rather than put in the green bag ...(gosh! can't count how many already give out).

Get Crafty!!! said...

Oh my, you are a genious!

I just loved the shorts!

Rebecca said...

They both look great!! Love the button detail on the short cuffs!

Creative Busy Bee said...

Thank you for sharing this idea. I made one short for my girl from my old jeans.

Pauline Perh said...

Thank you, ladies.

Creative Busy Bee: Wow... you are fast! :)