Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year Clothes for Hanhan

Making clothes for Hanhan has always been a pleasure for me. I love to see how cute anh sweet she looks in the new clothes I made for her, it gives me lots of satisfaction. The best thing is, she loves what I made for her ....erm..... for most of the time. There are times that she refused to wear the clothes that I made for her and when I threatened that I won't make anymore clothes for her, she will say that she doesn't want me to make clothes for her, ok...... since you don't want to wear, then I won't make for you. Since she never bother to look at the clothes we show her during shopping, we didn't get her any new clothes from the store too.

Hanhan knows that Chinese New Year is coming and everyone is supposed to wear new clothes on the first day of the CNY, and last week she actually requested me to make new clothes for her (hoho... Mummy win! :D) She pulled out the following 2 fabrics that she had chosen long time ago and requested me to make something for her.
Daddy said the fabric combination is weird and it looks like sleep wear but Hanhan loves the fabrics and keep saying the dress is very nice....hoho... she is very encouraging :))
She loves the dress, but not in the mood to take photo.
"No, I don't want to take photo!"
Tried letting her take photo with her toy.
However that doesn't last long enough for me to take photo of her in the second dress :P
Pattern for both dresses are from Cucito Summer 2010.
Cucito, my favorite children dress making pattern book :)


Fiona said...

i like the look of the other dress HanHan doesn't want to wear for the photoshoot. haha..

happy new year, Pauline. :)

Jessi said...

cute dresses!

Justina said...

Amazing works of yours....real envy u to have time for sewing these for Hanhan...