Thursday, February 10, 2011

Growing up

These few days Hanhan has been emphasizing that she has grown big already, she will says that she can do this..... because she has grown bigger.

Indeed, she is getting more and more independent. Before CNY I had to help her to wear her socks, and she didn't want to try wearing it, but on CNY eve she suddenly said that she wanted to wear her socks and shoes all by herself, and she amazed me by doing it all correctly and neatly.She even helped me to hang the clothes and prepare lunch. Yesterday, she was willing to try peeling the shells of hard boiled egg, which she didn't want to try last time, worrying that she could't do it probably. And today she helped me to chop some mushrooms.

She said that we are having cooking lesson and next time she wants sewing lesson. She doesn't want to do hand sewing, she wants to use the sewing machine. Erm......

Here's a few photos of Hanhan in her CNY new dress, for those who like to look at photos when blog hopping :P I do that too.
IMG_3602 copy

IMG_3600 copy

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