Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A week in a post

Last week, I was a little busy, a little lazy, hence the long pause in blogging.

Busy with sewing lessons and busy with sewing these:
Spreading them out on the table like this, makes me feel like I'm displaying them for sale in a craft market. How I wish that I could go to one..... especially after I have read so much on blog, heard so many people "tweet" about it.

In Singapore, we don't really have a craft market (or is there one? If there is, please let me know. Thank you), just flea market and bazaar. Besides that I think I will need to build up my handmade items.... I have so few, how to go to the market? :P Will people buy fabrics from the market too?!


Something tasty and easy that I have tried in the kitchen:

Deep fried lotus root chips.

Just slice them real thin and deep fried till golden brown and serve. No salt or sugar need, and it's really yummy. A good alternative to potato chips.


Fiona said...

hi! you can check 'maad' out at red dot museum.

your cutting skills are good! i can never cut lotus root that thin! :)

Anonymous said...

Lay Horng, idea from our last dining ah? Nice hor? We have a fashion bazaar coming up in Jan. More of attracting blogshops. Not so much of craft. But are you interested?

Pauline Perh said...

@FionaThanks Fiona.

I used this
to cut the lotus root. :>