Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sewing for Children's Day

A regular customer order for her kids for Children's Day.
customised pouches
customised pouches
7 sweet pinky customised pencil cases. All of similar style, yet not exactly the same.

Hanhan loves the "bambi deer (pink)" fabric, she kept asking were the pouches for her. When I told her that the name shown on the pouches are not hers, so it's not hers, she actually obligated to change her name, so that she can have the pouch :P

customised pouches
And one for a boy. Love this Kokka fabric even though I still use lots of pink girlish fabric :)

After much sewing for others, I onced again feel like sewing for Hanhan. She has been asking me to sew skirt and dresses for her, but I have been busy then.
dress for my girl
Hanhan is allowed to wear party clothes to school for Children's Day celebrate, so I sewed this for her, hoping that she can wear it to school...... but she didn't. She had her mind set on wearing her Raspberry Torte t-shirt to school, she had told me that the day before. I sewed through the night thinking that she might change her mind, since the fabric was picked by her and it's a new dress for her but I was wrong :P

When I try to persuade her to wear it, she told me she will wear the dress to the zoo, it's a zoo dress. We have been putting off our trip to the zoo, and this sound like a threat to me : To the zoo we go or your effort for the dress will be wasted :P
dress for my girl
Whether the girl wins her trip to the zoo with the dress on or Mummy wins in coaxing the girl to wear the dress without a trip to the zoo, and get some photos taken. Hm.... we'll see how.

Oh... what do you think about the ribbon infront? Should I remove it to keep it simple?

Dress pattern modified from Cucito Summer 2010. I added some elastic to the botton of the bodice. This is the original pattern.


Suzanne said...

What a lovely outfit for your daughter.

Pauline Perh said...

@SuzanneThank you Suzanne, I hope that she will wear it, she can be rather stubborn at times.

Simone said...

So cute!!! I know what you mean about kids not wearing what you have lovingly stitched. My little one does the SAME THING to me. LOL!

As for the ribbon in front, I like it :-)) So pretty.

Celine said...

Thank you for rushing the v lovely pencil cases out. The kids love them! You should have seen their delighted smiles - priceless. =)