Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Mid Autumn Festival

Hanhan playing with her light stick and battery operated lantern.
Daddy and I played with sparklers.

Hanhan was very scared of sparklers, so scared that she forbidded us to play last year. This year we managed to lurk her downstair with light stick, while she played with her light stick, we played with our sparklers, we are actually playing with last year's sparklers :P

Surprise! Hanhan ended playing with sparklers too.
We met one of her classmate who is brave enough to play with sparklers, we provide her with sparklers and she had fun with them, I encouraged Hanhan to join her but she refused. After watching for a while, our little Hanhan actually agreed to try and now she loves it. Our little girl is getting braver and braver. :))

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Anonymous said...

I used to play with sparklers when I was was pretty neat!

Your daughter is so pretty...she is growing fast.