Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More new Japanese fabrics

More fabrics added to shop.
There's everyone's favorite Russian Dolls and fairytale characters like Mermaid and Little Red Riding Hood too.
There's also the latest "Hello my friends" prints by Push Pin for Kokka, these (top 3) are great for boys' projects.
I love the bottom 6 repeated animal pattern print, they are simple, nice and cute.
A total of 54 new fabrics added into shop in a week. *Phew*

Now I need to start working on my question papers before I can sew again : I think I should learn to concentrate more on sewing so that I can have more handmade stuffs in shop, rather than divert my attention and energy on too many things. Oh... still need to get these on Etsy shop too.... :P

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