Monday, March 8, 2010

How to: Chocolate coated strawberries

Yum yum.... :)_

Recently, the supermarket is filled with yummy Korea Strawberries. They are delicious by itself, and with a layer of rich dark chocolate, they are even more irresistable.
Chocolate covered strawberry
These sweet little things are really easy to make.

Ingredients needed are just baking chocolate, butter and strawberries. And you need a foam board and picks as prop.

1)Melt chocolate with some butter using double boiler, or over low heat. Stir till both melted and there's some shine in your chocolate.

2)Wash and dry(important) your strawberries with paper towel.

3)Poke the strawberries with picks and dip them into the melt chocolate.

4)Onced the strawberry is coated with chocolate, take it out and stick it upside down on a foam board as shown in the photo.
Chocolate covered strawberry

5)You can let the chocolate harden in room temperature, or put the chocolate coated strawberries inside the fridge for a few mins to speed up the process.

And that's it! It's an easy and great dessert for Valentine Day ( I know this post is way too late for Valentine ).


After reading my posts, I have friends who thought that I always bake for occassions, like birthday and etc. but surprisingly, it is not so. I'm either not in the mood or simply don't have the time :P I just bake whenever I want to, and I think that is more fun.

Well... last year end, I did try to bake log cake for Christmas. But after a year break, I forgot the amount of batter needed for that specific pan size. It was too thin when spreaded out and I baked too long, it ended up to be semi-cookie, semi-cake like stuff, although it still smell and taste good :P

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Pearl said...

I just started a blog and would love it if you could come visit.
Had to stop and comment on those yummy looking strawberries. They are an eye catcher.
Take care.