Monday, March 22, 2010

DIY sewing tools

I did my very first woodwork on Saturday morning.
I did some sawing so that I can do more sewing later ;>
hehehe..., was actually trying to make some sewing tools.

Searched the whole house for saw, and the knife-like thing is the only saw I can find, luckily it still worked, I didn't break it :P
It's actually quite fun to do all these sawing, although it can be quite tiring.

Half way through, Hanhan woke up to join me.
She helped me to sand the blocks and make a stair out of the blocks :P
What was I actually trying to make?
It's that "rocket" thingy on the right. Will reveal it's purpose in the next post.
And I made a small ironing board too. Had been searching for a small ironing board that could be placed on the table for months, but found none and my room is too cram for putting a big standing ironing board. It always like this, when you don't need something, it always appear infront of you, but when you need it, you can never find it.


Pearl said...

You did a wonderful job.

Take care,

Mamma Pie said...

How nice!
Also, your Hannah is adorable, she looks like she was born to help you with projects!