Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IPhone Cozy

Made this for my new gadget. It's lightly padded and my phone fits snuggly in it.
iphone cozy
Exterior fabric: Japanese cotton - Mademoiselle Doll Photo Frame (pink), can be found in my etsy shop.

Taking the phone in and out is kind of giving the screeen a good rub, which helps to get rid of the fingers prints. LOL!
iphone cozy
Exterior fabric: Japanese cotton - Mademoiselle Doll Photo Frame (pink), can be found in my etsy shop.

Hanhan loves this new gadget as much as I do. I have been downloading free educational games for her to play, so she is also one of the fingers prints contributors. Love the "Feed Me" and "Matching Zoo" games, anyone has nice games to introduce?


Little Munchkins said...

Great case! If you are thinking of making another one, perhaps you could use flex-frames for the top?

As for iphone games, some games that I have for my kids to play are Animal Match, Blowfish, BubbleWrap, First Words : Sampler, Paper Toss, Sheep Launcher, Slingshot Cowboy, Smack It, Snakes and Ladder, Sneezies, Tic Tac Toe, Tower Bloxx, Zoo Whacker, Rollercoaster Rush and Doodle Buddy. Phew, that's quite a list! Most, if not all, of these games have the free version.

Pauline Perh said...

Little Munchkins: I really like how the cozy is cleaning my phone now, hehehe. Did you make something for your phone too?

Thank you for the list of applicatiions, will go and search for them when I'm free. :>

fiona said...

hi, you've an award! go see here:

wow, an iphone! very sweet looking case. :)

Little Munchkins said...

Nah, didn't make anything for it. I bought a case which I used for a long time but I got rid of the case recently as it doesn't sit very well when charging on my new dock.

Kate said...

Excellent cover!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Very interesting!

Thank you so much for the comment in the blog!

XUE said...

You are so good at blogging so regularly!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Moody mama said...

my 3yr old loves iwrite, i hear ewe & toddlers shapes... try these games, they are all education!

XUE said...

Hi again Pauline! Forgot to say that mine stays in a pouch with flex frame, self-made naturally :).
And I just saw this same fabric (that you use) today! How funny!

Congratulations on your award.