Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Weekend Getaway - Desaru

A long long post. Back from a 2D1N trip to Desaru.

Day 1:
Although it's now monsoon season, the wind and waves are extremely strong, not much sea activities are allowed, but we didn't miss out much. As what we love to do is just play at the beach.
Hanhan is always ever ready to sit down on the sand and play with the sand with her bare hands. She felt so bored and dull after the long bus ride, but immediately brighten up when she touched the sand. Later when we asked her why she likes to play with sand, she answered, "It's so soft." I love her answer :)
After dinner, it's time to go and see the fireflies along the Sungei Lebam river. See her over-sized "life jacket". I bracketed the "life jacket" because I don't think it's going to function as what it is supposed for, if anything really happen (touch wood). The tour guide also didn't bother whether we can get a smaller size life jacket for her. There were many other kids there too, some managed to get a fitting one, but many didn't. Maybe it's because the trip is actually rather safe, but who knows when accident will happen. Anyway, just before we got into the boat, we managed to get her a smaller life jacket, but one of the strap was spoilt :C Ok..... no more complaining, thanks for listening, if you have been reading.
And there she is, in her "night mode".

We saw lots of fireflies along the river sides and they looked just like Christmas lighting, blinking on the trees. One of the group member even said it could be LED lighting used as backup incase the fireflies didn't come out, hahaha.... Well, we did see a few fireflies flying pass us :) definately not LED lighting.

Day 2:
We went to the beach again in the morning before we leave the place for other activities. There are lots of crab there. You could see lots of holes dug by the crab along the beach. One of our group member, an old uncle, actually started to dig the hole looking for crab, and he really caught a big one .... as big as what is shown in the photo. I said big because that's the biggest we saw, there were many babies, there were as small as little spiders.
It was fun to look at how the old uncle dug for the crab, and Hanhan started digging and making holes in the sand, as if she is looking for crabs too, LOL.... And of course after that, the crabs are back to their natural environment.
We strolled along the beach looking for washed up corels and seashells. And I accidentally picked up a hermit crab.
This photo is just to show that Remy went along too. We were on our way to the Desaru Fruit Farm.
A few snap shots from the fruit farm:
Feeding the koi in the koi pond.
Introduced to different types of water apples (jambu / 水翁).
Hanhan busy munching water apple while we listened to the introduction.
There's a mini zoo in the fruit farm, and Hanhan got the chance to feed the goat. She wasn't frightened at all.
Petting baby bunny.
There are lots of animals there, but the trip was rather rush, and we didn't get to spend much time there, it's a pity.
Then, we are off to the Ostrich Farm.
Where the ostriches and a cassowary get to roam freely.
Feeding the ostriches. They are "violent" eaters, they peck really hard at the food bowl. If you enlarge the above photo, you can actually see that the maize actually fly up in the air because of the hard knock on the bowl. And I was attacked from the back by one of the free roaming ostriches. From behind, she stretched her long neck to reach the food, brushing her hairy neck against my shoulder and gave me quite a scare.
Ostrich egg as big as Hanhan's head.
Another close encounter with the ostrich, only a cm or 2 apart from the ostrich mouth when it suddenly turned it's head toward us. :P
A great trip for Hanhan to enjoy and know more about the nature.


Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was a great trip.

Pauline Perh said...

Yes, it sure is! :>

fiona said...

ostriches are menacing!!