Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Children's Day

Brought Hanhan out to meet an ex-colleague and her boy at a nearby mall in the morning. Expecting it to be just a walk in the mall and some chatting, it turned out to be quite fun with the children playing in the water playgroup. Hanhan unexpectly said that she wants to play with the water and she wanted to get wet :_> She is rather unpredictable these days.
We had been there umpteen times but she never want to go near the water. And when I didn't bring any extra clothings, she got herself all wet, and I had to buy her a new set of clothing :P Where was Daddy? Poor Daddy was marking worksheet at home.


lh said...

hahaha! ULTRA CUTE!

Anonymous said...

wow hanhan is getting so big. missing you so much, to the point it hurts. life is complicated at times. my cup is to the brim and overfilling most of the time. though why is it when i get time to write you, the blue clouds are hanging over my head??

XUE said...

Hi P & Hanhan! Happy zhōng qiū jié (中秋節). Time to eat a mooncake & carry a lantern!
- xue