Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple Pleasure

Kaya toast, half boiled eggs and coffee.

My breakfast for the day. Have not have these for months or a year?? Thanks to the make-up CCM lesson. Hanhan was at grandparent's place and I'm alone after the 2 hrs morning lesson. The shops are yet to open, so I took the chance to take a bite and sip coffee while waiting for the bank and shops to open. Everything tasted so nice and sweet. :)
Hohoho.... talking about CCM lesson, just saw something on my friend's blog that made me laughed. I had another CCM lesson on Monday morning, being the night owl and without the help of alarm clock(forgot to set) I woke up too late to send Hanhan to grandparent's place, so instead I sent her to my friend's place which is just next block (lucky me!!) Of course she cried when I left. And the following took places.

Auntie: LH jiejie's inside her room, do u want to go in and find her?

Hanhan: no..

After that Hanhan kept on crying and walking towards the door.

Auntie: You want to go home?

Hanhan: No..... I want to take off my shoes.
She is well trained..... knows that she has to take off her shoes at the door. :P
An interesting finding of the day:

Bottom right hand corner: Please do not bring any food and drinks into the library area.

Huh..... I thought they always use picture of burger, sandwich and soft drink. They have innovated.


fiona said...

i'm relieving the tastes of the breakfast set while looking at your picture.

Ahfat said...

Fiona, can you get this type of breakfast in Indonesia?