Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just for you

This is a commissioned project received about a month ago.

I got an email from a lovely lady (not sure whether to mention name or not), who is getting married soon and she wanted to do some customization. I wasn't not confident about accepting the project as I couldn't handle the embroidery machine well, but she assured me that the sample I had made for her was great and she believed that I could do a good job. Isn't she sweet?! You see.... we do not know each other before this project, she actually got to know my email because of my sister's friend. She is very encouraging and really really nice...

And these are what I have embroidered. A total of 15 Pashmina shawls for her buddies. The shawls are so soft and comfortable, I really enjoyed embroidering and running my fingers through them. Initials and date on handkerchiefs, to mark that important day of their lives.

Lucky for HL to get such a lovely lady as wife, may we wish them all the best and a loving happy marriage.

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