Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The other side of the blanket

is done. Long time didn't sew with hand ( I mean without using sewing machine), and I really like to sew without the machine. Like the feeling of not restricted to the table, slow progress, just leisure and pleasure. I'm starting to imagine myself as an old grandma sitting in a rocking chair sewing under the warm golden sun with little children (grandchildren I suppose) running around me. Haha.... I guess my mental age is much older than my actual age.


Suzanne said...

We all have those wonderful memories of grandmothers and sewing that is what makes hand sewing special.

Little Munchkins said...

That hand embroidery is very neat. Have you tried making a quilt? Like a hexagon quilt? It's a good on-the-go project for the quilt top since it's done entirely by hand.