Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cheeky Bits - rambutan

Hanhan and I were reading bedtime storys together.
She flipped through the pages quickly and soon she has flipped to the last page.

Hanhan: rambutan???
I (puzzled): arh???
I looked at the book and tried to look for picture of rambutan or anything that has to do with rambutan. Nope.... nothing.
Hanhan: rambutan???
I (blank):????

She turned to the 1st page and start to flip through the pages again. When she reached the last page, she said "rambutan" again.

Make a guess, what she actually mean?

Later I figured out she was actually saying "one more time"!! :P

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Michele said...

Oh my, she's precious! My kids wanted the story read over and over. I think I memorized some of those books! Have a wonderful Christmas with your wee one. She sure is a cutie! Good work!