Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shorts again

The shorts are completed...... errr...... sort of, because I run out of elastic band for the last pair. Made a total of 3 pairs, the first pair is the blue one, a trial one. I used the largest size from the pattern book, but according to the measurement given seems like it would be too small for me, but I just give it a go. Sure enough it would be better if it is slightly bigger, but I like the cutting, so I made another 2, adding an extra 1cm to the each side of the pattern and also added side pockets to it. That's a mistake, the shorts look baggy, the pockets are too small and I have sewed it too high, so it's time to unpick. After unpicked the pockets, I'm to lazy to unpick further, and I just snipped off the sides, back to same size.
Luckily the fabric stretch slightly and I made another stitch along the seam line so that it won't split open easily :P And I'm glad that when I'm doing the amendment I saw this.
I'm using the pattern from this Japanese Book, I shorten the length and added pocket for the adult pattern.


Lola Jo said...

Those look great! Shorts/pants are hard and I've yet to make a pair that fit well. Nice detail on the pockets!

fiona said...

so much effort and looks like it paid off well. :)