Thursday, June 4, 2009

What we have been doing

Making sushi.......
err..... or you can say just sushi rice :P
I'm not being stingy for putting only 3 dots of that sushi mix for Hanhan's sushi rice, it's extremely salty! Too salty for my liking, and it smell like fish food when I 1st smell it ;P
Don't really like the taste, but I have enjoyed making them, need to try other variation.

Keeping dinosaur.......
The big meet the small. Initially they are of the same size, but we only fed one so it kept growing till this size and the growing stopped. I'm amazed by this toy, 1st got to know it from Chasing Cheerios and I start to search for it in the local stores. Now we are waiting for it to shrink down to its' initial size. And one thing to note, Hanhan is no longer fear of dinosaurs, she has been choosing dinosaur books and toys.
So.... we will be going to watch this


XUE said...

How strange as I have had this sushi rice here & it is wonderful!!! Not fishy-smelly nor salty. Perhaps it's like Chinese food overseas doesn't taste as nice as Chinese food the way we make it? Cute presentation though :)

Little Munchkins said...

Oh how cute is that sushi rice! Don't think I have seen it here but will look out for it next time.