Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visiting the squirrels

Ya.... we went to Sentosa again. It might be boring for some, but we had fun.

We went cycling on the 1st day and got lucky to see a family of squirrels among the trees. We expected to see more squirrels during the 2nd day's breakfast, but we didn't even catch a glimspe of it and we went back to where we found the family of squirrels, but no sight of them too. It's disappointing.

Our ultimate goal was to see the squirrels on the island, but going to the beach was also a must. So, Hanhan played with the sand.
Daddy made a group of crabs going back to sea. I think it's kinda of cute :)
And I lazed on the beach and looked at the beautiful sky.
On the 3rd day morning, we sat near the trees for breakfast and we saw lots of squirrels jumping up and down the trees looking for food. We put some bananas for the squirrels and they came really really close. We spent more time looking at the squirrels than eating the food, it's so fun just looking at them. :)
We had lots of fun, even bedtime was great!! errr.... except that I was kicked by Hanhan in the middle of the night :P
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XUE said...

Hallo P ,
Are you staying in Sentosa itself? That is a nice shot of Hanhan & you in bed. Have a great sunny time!

Ahfat said...

Yes, we love the Siloso Beach Resort, especially breakfast with squirrels. I think this is our 4th time there.