Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our new member

Recently we have 2 new members in our house. They are Puppy, Power! They are not little puppies, they are 2 cute little hamsters. Why are they called Puppy Power? Tell you later.

Recently there are many new pet shops in the neighbourhood shopping centre. When even we go out, we will somehow passby a pet shop and we will bring Hanhan over to have a look at the animals. And soon it was Hanhan who requests to go and see the animals. Hanhan love to look at the rabbits and hamsters, so soon the thought of keeping a rabbit or hamster pops out (the pet shops are really clever huh?!) but we keep it in view, as Hanhan is still too young to look after pet. But soon, even Daddy and me want to keep a pet too (or rather say, Daddy knows that I want to keep one :P) And we brought Puppy Power home after a visit to a pet shop :)
I wanted to show you our cute Puppy Power, but this is the best photo I can get. It really hard to get a decent photo of them and I just can't get my video up on Blogger. This is Power, the active one, popping his head out of his house. Puppy is still in the cage sleeping.

How the name Puppy Power comes about?!

We were all laying down on the bed chatting and discussing about what name to give to the hamsters. We asked Hanhan what name should we call them, she said "Hamster" Ya, they are hamsters, but we can't just call them hamster, or Hamster 1 and Hamster 2. While Daddy and I were talking about it, Hanhan suddenly shouted "PUPPY POWER!" ( One of Daddy's silly way of injecting humor.) Hahah! So we will call them Puppy and Power! Puppy is the less active and gentle one and Power is the active and playful one! :)

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XUE said...

Hallo P! Whenever my kids mention pets, I'll say that we have to get rid of one of them first, before we can have a pet in the house. So that's why - 2 kids & no pets (but lots of fabrics!!!). Happy Summer!