Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday we baked sponge cake, as usual Hanhan is Mummy's helper.

Did you realised that it's semi-circle? Hehee...... I think we had too much fun baking and taking photos, as such we missed the "timing", so the cake didn't raise up well, OR is it because of the size of the pan and temperature? I'm not too sure too. Anyway, to compensate the flatness, I cut it into half and stacked it up :P

It's been about a month or two since we last baked a cake, we used to bake every one or 2 weeks. And Hanhan missed baking with Mummy, after this session she asked for more baking. Another serial of photos to show that taking photo of her is really difficult.

1st photo, asked her to show victory sign, and that's how she showed it.

Last photo, she finally smile heartily. The result of "If you don't smile, Mummy will tickle you!"


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