Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have been

watching this drama. As I get older, I seldom watch tv program, especially drama. As most of the plots are so prodictable, I think I can be the script writer too :P but this particular one catches my attention. I think it is just because it is about table tennis. I love to play table tennis, but it has been years that I last played it, now I itch for the game again.
While my eyes were on tv, a commercial caught my attention. This is a lovely commercial, it touches my heart and I would like to share it with you.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are enjoying table of glory. The name had me lampooning it, not bad but too busy organising stuff at the moment to devote too much time to it. ;) I love the ad too, I saw it tonight as I was watching the news. It really touched my heart too.

XUE said...

I had tears watching this. For decades, my father made my mother a cup of coffee each morning & gruffily give it to her saying, "Drink or it will get cold". After he passed away, my mother didn't want to drink coffee for a couple of years. Yes, it is the little things in life.