Saturday, April 25, 2009

From draft to actual sewing

A draft for a bag. A simple foral design. The completed bag.
First time using Visofix for applique. It is really easy, like doing cut and paste, but sewing the edges is kind of difficult. I didn't do a good job for that, and I think the colour combination needs improvement too. Hanhan doing the inspection before the bag was given to her cousin as birthday gift...... and sexy Daddy at the background ;P
I completed this quilt in a few hours.......... errr............. I mean completed the binding in a few hours. Anna almost completed the whole quilt before she decided to let me have it, as she is now busy packing for her next destination. She didn't have the time to complete it and had no intention of bring it over with her. It is such a lovely quilt, so I gladly took it from her, and a whole lot of goodies. Thank you, Anna.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! You have those scraps working for you already?? Missing my sewing machine at the moment.... I have a few more goodies for you. ;) Love what you did with that stinking pink quilt. I think it sat for 5 years uncompleted because it was pink. Glad it has gone to a good home because I loathed it. Ah the things we make for our in-laws and then they don't like them....