Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate Mousse Cake?!

Hanhan loves to eat cake, she had been requesting for cakes these few days and we had an enjoyable weekend, going from places to places eating cakes. :) Some taste good but some really not up to standard to be served in a restuarant, Daddy said that I can bake better than them ;> that's really flattering, and it set the mood for baking.
Sponge cake base similar to the Christmas log cake, but I added slightly more chocolate to get a darker shade and more chocolatey taste.
For chocolate mousse, I followed a recipe found on the net. I do not have a cooking thermometer, and was cautious about Salmonella poisoning, therefore, I just cooked the egg yolk, and the rest of the methods were the same. In the end, I realised the "mousse" was basicially made from egg yolk, chocolate and whipping cream. :P I think next time I will just leave out the egg yolk, and make chocolate whipped cream (no worries about Salmonella poisoning).
A layer of ganache, to give the cake a nice shiny outer layer.
Yum yum, I love this cake. Daddy loves it too. It's really chocolatey.
I am not an expert in baking, but I love to try out different cakes, especially chocolate cakes ;) and I really love this sponge cake base. With ovalett/emusifier, it is really easy to make a sponge cake. Here is the recipe(with some lazy modification, correct me if you think that is seriously wrong):
Ingredients (just nice for a 229" circle pan) (what am I writing? 22"?!)
1) 3 eggs
2) 50 g sugar
3) 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4) 1/4 Tablespoon sweeten condensed milk
5) 1/4 Tablespoon ovalett/emusifier
6) 50g sifted top flour
7) 15g sifted corn flour
8) 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
9) 25 g melted butter/cooking oil
10) chocolate/cocoa powder (for chocolate cake, and add as you like)
1) Beat ingredients 1 to 5 till ribbon forms.
2) Add in ingredients 6 to 8 ( + 10 optional ), fold in till combine.
3) Fold in cooled melted butter/cooking oil.
4) Put into preheated oven, bake at 175 degree celsius for about 20 mins.
* temperature and time differ from oven to oven, as the temperature indicated on the oven might not be accurate
If you tried out the above recipe, let me know what version of sponge cake you have made, I would like to try too :)

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lime-lemon juice said...

Hello Ms Perh! I'm Lingxuan! remember me? ^.^

Just found your blog. I liked the chocolate mousse! haha in fact I baked one too last weekend. Hmm for my choco mousse I just poured chocolate into whipped cream.

anyway, what is ovalette? cos I've been baking too but the cake dont rise well so I keep on buying cake mix and it is so expensive. >.< can you tell me where you bought it? I wanna try out the recipe. tks!