Friday, March 27, 2009

Yummy Yummy Fabrics

Look! What have I got?!

The zakka series. The top one is 100% linen, and the other 2 are 100% cotton. Cute little prints, these are lovely light-medium weight fabric that are suitable for wearables, crafts and quilts. The top one has prints of Hanhan's favourite little mousey.

Kawaii Chihuahua print. Hanhan keep saying "Chihuahua" when she saw these.

Another series of kawaii print from Japan. They are all so lovely, aren't they?! All these are now available in my etsy shop!!

Will have a give-away soon, keep a look out! :)


Creative B Bee said...

WoW!!! SOoooo....yummy yummy fabrics!!! Can't wait your giveaway *,*!!!

fiona said...

delicious looking stuff! wish i have a bale of that linen....

Anonymous said...

lots of virutal stroking and drooling going on at my end.