Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another 365 days gone

Yesterday is 14 Mar, Einstein's Birthday. I don't remember how many 14 Mar I have went through, ever since I count till 21st, I must have failed my Maths. But we still celebrate the day, the day when one very important person was born.We went shopping and dinning. Visited my favourite stores and brought home goodies. All sponsored by Daddy :))))
This morning, Hanhan and I went to celebrate birthday for another little Einstein, we had great fun there. In the evening, we attended a wedding dinner. It was an eventful weekend. And I expect more happening days ahead..... because it's school break again!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pauline!!! Here's your 21st, again. ;) Went to Arab St this morning with Donnie and Happy and bought supplies to finish off your birthday pressie (note not your pif). Thank you coming and sharing time with my little Einstein yesterday. She seemed have lots of fun as well as Han Han. Your doodles are amazing as well as the present (need to photograph and post). Has anyone told you that you are very skilled at bubble blowing??