Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Holiday

Holiday has come to an end, tomorrow Daddy will be back in school again. We had so much fun this holiday. In the midst of sewing (for me), we went to the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Science Centre. We also stayed in Siloso Beach Resort in Sentosa for 2 days. And we even went to Daddy's school.

At the Singapore Zoo.

Petting little bunny at the new Kidzworld.
There is also a big water playground at Kidzworld, but Hanhan didn't dare to go in when she saw there was a large crowd, however she was tricked by me several times and got herself a bit wet :P

Looking at giant tortoise.
We had been to the zoo for several times, but this was the 1st time that we went to see these giant tortoises. They are really huge.

At the Jurong Bird Park.
Watching swan swimming in the lake.
The most memorable event at the Bird Park is Hanhan being "attack" by a rainbow lory. We went to the Lory Cove, where hundreds/thousands (??? who knows?) of lory birds fly freely. When we are watching others feeding one of the rainbow lory at close approximate, the bird suddenly flew and landed on Hanhan's head for a few second before it flew away. Was Hanhan scared?? No...... because all these happened too fast for her to react, and of cause we also didn't manage to take a photo of that. After that day, Hanhan would often smile and mention "lory head" :)

Savouring her lollipop which was onced hanging up on the Christmas tree in the resort lobby.
Playing with sand for the 1st time and getting herself totally immersed in the fun of dirt.
Having a dip in the swimming pool in the resort with Daddy.
The best part is sitting in the resort breakfast corner enjoying the breakfast and watching squirrels climbing here and there. Hanhan loves to watch the squirrels.
At the Singapore Science Centre. Having much fun in the "not so popoular" play house.
Covering her eyes, so that she wouldn't see the "shark, crocodile" etc.....
Playing with the exhibits.

In Daddy's school.
Playing with paints while Daddy coaches his pupils.
We are looking forward to the next holiday. :)


lh said...

wow!!! what a fulfilling holidayyy!!! =D so funn!

Barb said...

You have a lovely family and a wonderful blog.

I just stopped in to thank you for entering my giveaway.

Have a wonderful New Year!!