Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Before Chinese New Year

I managed to sew a few more stuffs.
She wore it on the 1st day of the new year.
I also made an Elmo bag for her to put red packets. The size is just nice for her to carry around, but a bit too small for her to put her BIG red packets in. :)
Wanted to sew in the features, but there is not enough time left, so I ended up using fabric glue, which was quick and easy.


Little Munchkins said...

I love the dress. Very pretty. And the Elmo bag is super cute too.

annayama said...

What a cute dress!! Han Han looks so sweet. The Elmo bags is sweet too. You can always button hole stitch around the pieces if you are still worried about it. CT had the same problem with her bag and red envelopes in Japan too. :D

Kate said...