Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seven little things

I'm tagged by my fabric shopping buddy, Anna from Sew What. She is one textile expert, shopping with her is like bringing a textile dictionary. And now the expert is doing a give-away, don't forget to take a look.
Oh... back to the tag thing, I'm suppose to write seven things about myself, so here it goes:
1. I can bend my left thumb forward and backward such that it touches just below the wrist area. You can try doing it...... careful, don't break your thumb :P this takes years of practices.
2. I am poor in housekeeping, I blamed that on not having my own room when I was young to learn it. But thank God I have superman.
3. I love watermelon. Give me one whole fruit, I can finish it.
4. I like to keep my hair long and chop it short. It feels really good when you just have your hair cut, your head feels so light.
5. I am not good with words. That's why I try to have more pictures in my post.
6. I dreamt of being an actress or a radio broadcaster, but that is long long ago and far from stretch.
7. I can get extremely angry when someones break their promises.

And I'm suppose to tag another 7 people. Who should I tag? It's a headache, as I have read and knew that some bloggers don't like to be tagged, so I think I should not tag anyone.

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

I enjoyed reading your tag.
Have a good week and I think the not much housework is good then you can get some sewing done.