Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My try on Christmas log cake

Hanhan has been asking for cake lately. It could be the after effect of telling her that I'm going for baking lesson so that I could bake cake for her :P Anyway I was quite tempted to try on the Christmas log cake after the baking lesson. And last Friday I actually got some cute little Christmas log cake decor when I went to Toa Payoh Pooh Huat (it's near to Hanhan's school) to get some ingredients for the cookies which I wanted to bake for some time. They ended up in my shopping basket because I can't resist their cuteness. At then I'm still wasn't sure whether I'm going to bake Christmas log cake.
Since I have almost all the ingredient needed, I got the rest from NTUC and this is what I worked on in the evening.
I baked it from scrap, although I only show the assembling part. I made a few mistake along the way. But as a 1st try, I'm quite pleased with the result. I pinched a bit of the sponge roll and the texture seems quite good too :) Maybe from this year on way there will be one log cake this time every year.


Casey said...

wow! it looks fantastic! does not look like it was your first try at it at all! good job :)

Little Munchkins said...

That looks really good. I wouldn't have known that it is your first attempt.

Arkerchi said...

beautifully done. I can never get my sponge cake to roll properly, so I still have not tried log cakes.