Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to make fishing game

How to make fish
materials required: coloured felt, polyster filling, movable eyes and paper clips Draw your design on a piece of paper/cardboard and cut it out for use as template.Fold the felt into half and use your template to draw your design on the felt. Remember to leave enough spacing between the fishes.
Sew on the line you have drawn on the felt.
Leave a opening for stuffing polyster filling into the fish.
Stuff in the polyster filling and continue to sew to close the opening. Be careful not to step on your sewing machine paddle when you are stuffing the filling. Alternatively, you can remove your felt piece from the sewing machine to stuff in the polyster filling. I'm just too lazy to do so. Leave some allowance and cut out your fish.
Glue the eyes, put paper clips at the mouth position and make MANY MANY more......

How to make fishing rod
materials required: button, magnet, balloon stick, thin wire
I got my thin wire from a sandwich bag, so it has plastic covering.
Pull the thin wire through the holes of the button, twist to secure it and trim off the excess. You can skip this part if you are using button that has loop on the back.
Glue the bottom of the button to a piece of magnet with gun glue, and this will act as the "hook" for the fishing rod. Just tie this with string to a balloon stick and your fishing rod is done!

Alternatively, you can just tie a U-shaped magnet to any stick.

Fish pond/bag

materials required: 2 pieces of fabrics, ribbon, cotton cord
Oh.... I don't have photos for this, forgot to take photo, but it is really easy.

Step 1: With the right sides of the 2 fabrics facing, cut out the shape of your fish pond.
Step2: Cut out several pieces of ribbon, about 5cm long. Fold your ribbons into half and sandwich them at regular interval between the 2 fabrics and secure them with pins.
Step3: Sew around the edge of the fish pond, leaving a small opening for turning over.
Step4: Turn the fabrics to the right sides and sew around the edge of the fish pond to close up the opening.
Step5: Cut a piece of cotton cord that is slightly longer than the perimeter of the fish pond. Thread the cotton cord through the ribbons and tie it up.
Now you are ready for fishing.
Just pull and tie the cotton cord to keep all the fishes in your pond :P
Hanhan was very happy when I turned the "fish pond" into a bag, immediately she took it and went out of the room. I went after her and asked,"Where are you going?" She replied,"gai gai!"(means going out) :)


Kate said...

We love this game too - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love your lazy stuffing moves. Hurray that I am not the only lazy daisy on the block. :D I like how you put your fishing rod together.

Little Munchkins said...

Great tutorial! I must try this one day.

Katherine said...

What a great pattern. I got some magnets meaning to make a fishing game for my little girl, I didn't even think of just using paperclips for the fish. I should get to that.

sohcool said...

Your blog made me decide to get a sewing machine as x'mas present.not sure i can do beautiful things like u but will try to make an effort. I'm really a newbie. Can u recommend easy craft books for a start? Thanks.

Pauline Perh said...

Hi sohcool,

Thanks for visiting my much neglected blog.

Sewing is a fun, addictive and meaningful hobby, you are sure to love it.

I refer mainly to Chinese and Japanese sewing craft books which I get from Kinokuniya. Was searching online for them to show you but can't find them online. If you would like to see what type are good, just leave me your email or email me at, I will take a few pics to show you.