Friday, October 24, 2008

Work in Progess

After sewing for others, I always feel like sewing something for my girl. I have tagged lots of patterns that I wanted to sew for her, but I don't always proceed with it as I feel that I need to have a suitable piece of fabric to go with the pattern.....see.....I'm procrastinating again, hehehe. Well...., I usually buy fabric without a project in mind, so I ended up with lots of fabric and lots of patterns in mind but no end product. Ask me to buy fabric for a project? By the time I have the time to get the fabric, I probably don't feel like sewing already.
Ok, back to my WIP. I have just started 2 projects. Both are dresses for my girl. The one on the left is from a japanese book; the one on the right is from Simplicity. I have used patterns from japanese books before (will show the book when I have completed the dress), so no problem in reading the pattern. The problems lies with reading Simplicity pattern, I actually stop half way as I cut the fabric . Can any expert please tell me are allowances included in the pattern provided? I added allowances to the pattern provided, and I think it looks weird.


Anonymous said...

seam allowances are always included in commercial patterns (even Burda these days). So need to worry about that. Oh S finally told me that a parcel arrived from you. After a bit of a blog catch up realised that I won your giveaway at the beginning of the month... Thanks!!!!! See you around the 8th of November. We need to meet up and have a sew a thon together. Oh I have started a new blog too. follow the link.

Kate said...

Yes there are seam allowances included - cute fabric!