Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hanhan goes to school

Hanhan just started school. It is a once a week short lesson. This Friday was her second lesson and she was given homework to do...... stress...... for me because I have to guide her, and she don't like me to interfere her when she is doing something.This is Hanhna doing her 1st assignment, she is supposed to colour the picture. Tried colour pencils, she's not interested, tried crayons, not interested too, then watercolour which she has more interest in. I have to let her use only one colour at a time, if not the picture will turn out to be brown :PWhen I took out the camera to take her photo, she wanted to have the camera, so this is approximately how much she has actually finished. And I have to finish it up for her. much can you expect from a less than 2 yr old?
Besides this worksheet, she has another stack of worksheets to be done within a month. It's approximately 18 pages, so that will be ahout less than 1 page a day.
Hanhan knows how to blow bubbles, and she enjoys blowing bubbles. It is great to see her learn new things.

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