Friday, October 31, 2008

Dresses for Hanhan

I have completed Hanhan's dresses. Although they are slightly bigger, but at least bigger is better than smaller, Hanhan can still wear them in the coming years.

This dress is from a japanese book.
Love all the patterns in this book. And this one is from Newlook, Kids! Thanks to Annayama and Kate for answering my query.
I'm attracted by the dress modelled by the girl, but I can't find suitable fabric match for it, so I decided to make the 2nd one from the right. Did a lot of gathering for this dress, as I don't have pregathered laces, as required by the pattern. This is also my 1st try on sewing zippers on clothing and sewing invisible zipper isn't as difficult as I 1st thought, however I should have sew it a bit higher. Time for my girl to model the dresses. Well........ as you can see, actually she is not interested in doing it, it's just Mama who wants her to do so :P
I managed to alter the strap for this dress, so it fits her better, and she can wear it on her birthday. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Han Han!! Hope you have had a fab day with your little girl. What colours look good on Han Han?? Surely she would like a third dress (making the same one for CT). :D Oh and size. Height??

Back to your sewing. Wow those dresses look fab. Good to see that you have put your invisible zipper foot into action. Love the cotton tape detail on the dress front. Is it from that day?? May be we need to go to Arab St together and find some fabric for that beautiful dress on the front of that pattern. We are great minds, I have the same Japanese pattern book and pattern. :D

Hope to see you soon. Get back next Saturday. I am sooooo excited.

ILikePaperCutting said...

what a wonderful mom you are.