Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Water fun @ Science centre

Went to the Water Fun @ Science Centre with other moms this morning and we had a great time!
Hanhan doesn't like to bathe at times, but today she splashed herself with water and she was all wet. Besides playing with water, we also viewed some of the exhibits. I'm sure she will enjoy herself further in a year time, when she is big enough to understand the exhibits.

We went to Mcdonald for lunch, and we sat there eating slowly. Being just the two of us, I seldom bring her out for meal, because it's kind of stressful when I have to attend to her and buy food at the same time. But today she has been very cooperative (except for the train ride to Science centre), and I really enjoy spending time with her like this. Making funny faces for me to take photo.


Suzanne said...

I like her funny sweet face. It will get better as she gets a little older been just the 2 of you.

Kate said...

I am so glad you both had a lovely day - she is adorable!