Monday, September 8, 2008

Our weekend

We stayed at a local hotel for a night. Why? Daddy said, so that it feels more like having holiday(this week is school break). He delibrately chose a hotel near to where I can get fabrics, so that I can shop till I drop.... oh.... he was tempting me. Luckily I got hold of myself, I only bought a piece.

I wanted to bring Hanhan to the hotel pool, but there wasn't any wadding pool. And she ended up playing in the hotel bathtub..... hehehe.
Saw what was on her lap? Yes.... it's a rat! It's her favourite toy, bringing it everywhere she goes, and making heads turn. She must have watched too much Ratatouille and Flushed Away. We named it Remy.

On Sunday night, I went for a wedding dinner and I made this in the afternoon.The background is what I wore that night.

Hahaha...... It actually looks more like a spectacles cosy. Will make a bigger one next time, because I had a time trying to button up when I put in a packet of tissue paper, and hope that it won't look like a spectacles cosy again.

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Suzanne said...

That would have been so nice to stay at a hotel. You did good only buying a piece of fabric.