Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My fabric stash

These are part of my fabric stash, and they are my favourites.

Looks like I almost have the entire range of drills.Animals fabric...... waiting... waiting.... and still waiting for me to make into Hanhan's stuff.

Cute, nice, comfortable japanese cotton fabric.

Oh.... is the creature on the left Moose??? I told Hanhan it is hippo when she pointed to it. :P


Ayama-chan said...

Great seeing you again yesterday and thank you soooo much for the continued loan of the book. :D

Are you trying to tell me that my stash is too large?? I have the Japanese elephants in the white, pink and green too. CT has an outfit made out of it.

When is Hanhan's birthday?? I forgot to ask you yesterday.

Suzanne said...

Wow your fabric stash is like my paper stash. I like the fabrics you have though and I can understand your need to have them.

Arkerchi said...

hey, thanx for stopping by me blog :) the chinese garden exhibition ends this weekend. go on saturday, and there shd be fireworks too :)