Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Remember the doggy I mentioned in the last post?? Hanhan has been playing with it for the past few days! She will walk the dog, kiss the dog and 'sayang' the dog. She even won't let go of it, when she is having her milk.
Today, she decided to let her doggy fly in the sky. While she is having fun with the doggy, I'm amused by how well designed the doggy is. Can you see from the 1st photo that the dog's body is actually off the floor, only the 4 limbs are touching the floor??!!

Here are more doggies.....
Did a bit of promotion for my crafts when I went back to school for relief, and I'm glad that my colleagues are so nice to order some purses and bags from me. Most of them happened to like doggies, therefore, I designed some doggies cross-stitch for the tissue cum coin purse (guess I have to rename this type of purse, as it can hold more than just tissue and coin).
These drawstring bags are customised too.


Suzanne said...

That is a cute dog I can understand why she loves it.
Good for you promoting your crafts.
I will be back in about a week so will check and see then.

Arkerchi said...

hey... i love the balloon too and had alwasy been tempted to get fro the girls. Good to hear that you manage to get your stuff selling. Me, on the other hand, do not have such luck but then again, your stuffs are nice.

Kate said...

She is so cute playing with her dog!