Monday, August 11, 2008

Today's breakfast

Rosti with egg and baked beans, Hanhan has a share too.
To keep her away from the stove, Daddy gave her honey stars. She must have too much honey stars, she started with spoon and ended up using hands.
It has been a long time since I last cooked rosti, because the cutting of potatoes is tedious and Daddy always get too hungry. And the old grater doesn't work well for making rosti. All thanks to this new grater, which shorten my preparation time from 45mins to 5mins(ya... this also shows how slow I am in cutting).

Like the little cap thing, save my hand from being cut.


Suzanne said...

Rosti sounds interesting and looks yum. I have never heard of it before. Your daughter looks so cute sitting with her food.

Ahfat said...

Rosti is basically pan fried grated potatoes, you can also add bacon and cheese. They are very easy to cook and I think it taste great with mayonnise.