Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Teachers' Day for Daddy = Happy Children's Day for Hanhan

Daddy's school is celebrating Teachers' Day. And this year, he got several awards from the school : the most fun teacher; the most homorous teacher; the most inspiring teacher; the most handsome teacher and teacher with the "killer" smile (;P) Hehehe....... Daddy, you are great! Daddy brought his gifts home, so Hanhan got to play with his gifts and eat his chocolates, well now........ Hanhan has taken over Mummy's job.Look at how she enjoys herself, it seems more like Children's Day to her!


Suzanne said...

She is enjoying what daddy bought home. Congratulations to your husband he must be a great teacher.

Arkerchi said...

wow... great teacher there. Any chance of a photo of handsome teacher? (ahem...)