Friday, August 22, 2008

Hanhan in the kitchen

I have always want Hanhan to do baking with me, but the idea that she is still too young has been delaying it. However, after seeing so many posts on how Melissa and O of Chasing Cheerios have done baking together, has finally make me get into action.

Yesterday we did our first baking, we made simple pizza using bread, spaghetti sauce, hot dogs, crab sticks and cheeze. I did all the cutting, and Hanhan helped me to put the toppings. She wasn't sure of what to do at the beginning, but after some demonstrations, she got the idea. So pizza became our brunch.
This gave me confident into doing more baking with her. My MIL is celebrating her birthday this weekend, I wanted to bake something to bring to the celebration, seems like everyone likes eclairs, so I baked eclairs with hanhan. We sifted flour and cracked eggs together. While I am doing other preparations, she enjoyed herself crashing the egg shells. The crashing sound is so loud that there are several instants, that I turned my head to ensure that she isn't eating the egg shells.
She did make some noises when she has nothing to do, but overall she is quite happy about the whole baking thing, especially the ending part.
I used the dough to make some puffs for the 1st batch. And now she is enjoying her reward.

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Suzanne said...

What a nice way for you to spend time together. I love her face at the end after she has eaten them.