Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to make Five Stones

Recently Daddy recaptured his younger days miss out and learnt to play five stones. I asked him should I make five stones for him, and he happily nodded his head.

This is how you make five stones.
1) Cut 5 pieces of 6cm x 10cm retangular fabric.
2) With the exterior facing, fold the fabric into half, as shown above, and sew both sides. I am using a 1cm allowance. Turn the fabric and it is ready for stuffing.
3) You can fill it with seeds, rice or sand. Here I am using green beans, it works the same. Do not fill it up to the brim, as later you need to fold in the fabric and sew it up. As for how much beans to put in, it all depends on you, just make sure that all the five "stones" are filled with approximately the same amount of beans.
4) Fold in the allowances, and aline the sewed sides to the center, as shown, and sew it up.
5) Just sew 4 more, and your five stones are ready for playing.
I also made mini ones for the little hand.
Oh...... don't forget to make a little bag to keep them, or else you will have to make more to replace the lost one OR invent your own game of four/three stones.
Hands on session for the little one.
I have problem editing the video on how to play this game, will post it later. For those who are very eager to try the game, you can refer to the instruction over here (the section on five stones, is at the bottom), it's a bit lengthy, but very detailed.


Suzanne said...

What a great little game. You are so crafty to make them and I love the little bag that holds them.

Suzanne said...

Also forgot when I was here before. I have some awards on my blog that I would like to pass onto you.